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Special Fundraiser!

T Shirts!

Help us raise money to pay down our vet bills

Many special needs guinea pigs have come into the rescue this year. We are desperately trying to pay down our vet bills after a number of surgeries and vet visits so that we can continue to help the small and furries.

$20 buys you a cool shirt and goes a very long way in funding what we do. Please click through and help us meet the goal!

A new way to donate

One way that you can help us help the animals is to call our exclusive veterinarian's office at 856-234-5230. Let them know that your donation is for the account associated with Danni Challender and Helping All Little Things.

We thank you for your support!

Foster Homes

Foster homes are ALWAYS needed. If you have a little extra space for a temporary "visitor" then please contact us. We will supply the cage, water bottle, food bowl and of course the animal. We handle all of the medical issues and bills with our personal vet should it arise. We also take care of all of the phone calls and emails so you wouldn't have to deal with the public. There is no commitment with fostering. You can foster as long or as short as you would like. All you would have to do is supply the bedding, hay, veggies and pellets.Read more...


DONATIONS are ALWAYS appreciated and go toward the veterinary costs we incur for the proper care of our rescued animals. Remember...even the smallest donation goes a long way!

Here are some examples of what your generous donations can provide for the rescue:

  • $3 donation - Large treat kabob or chew toy or lava bites
  • $4 donation - 16 oranges
  • $5 donation - hamster food
  • $8 donation - 40 lb bag of bedding
  • $10 donation - Chinchilla or guinea pig house
  • $15 donation - A weeks worth of veggies
  • $25 donation - 25 lb bag of chinchilla or guinea pig food
  • $50 donation - vet visit

One of our former adopters has gernerously offered to donate a portion of her AVON sales to our rescue every month!

Please click through and consider purchasing from her. You can fill your Avon needs and help HALT Rescue in the process.
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